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Ida Kelarová delights breakfast patrons

An event in the opening ceremony of Košice ECOC 2013 allowed guests to spend Sunday morning having a nice breakfast in the company of the phenomenal Czech singer, musician and choir-mistress Ida Kelarová and her musicians.

At the informal meeting with fans in the bar of the Intermezzo, Ida Kelarová also shared some personal details about her family too. She was brought to music by her father, and in the same way, the apples didn't fall “far from the apple tree” in her family either – her children inherited musical talent too. She was proud to say that she now has four grandchildren. Some of them are also artistically gifted like their grandmother. Then she started talking about founding her civic association Miret – international institute for ethnic creation, which has operated since 1999. In accordance with the mission of the association she has travelled through Slovak Roma settlements, looking for talented musicians, bands and children, but made no secret of her great disappointment, because there are not so many talented adult Roma, as there used to be. At present, the association works with about 60 talented Roma children, who can already be a model for others. “Working with them is amazing,” said singer Kelarová. Before Christmas she performed concerts in the Czech Republic.

The audience felt very comfortable in her company, “I know Ida Kelarová very well. Today my boyfriend and I particularly chose this breakfast, which attracted us most in today’s programme,” commented Jana, a young patron.

Ida Kelarová, sister of singer Iva Bittová, is proud to identify as Roma through her work. Her repertoire naturally consists of Roma songs. Although that might sound like she is doing cover versions, Ida presents original pieces, re-clothed in unusual jazz garments, which are composed by court guitarist, singer and husband Dezider Dužda.

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