Other European Capitals of Culture


Valletta 2018 will be just one European Capital of Culture in a long line since the initiative started in 1985. We’re part of the process already and are keen to see Valletta 2018 stand out for its unique contribution to the ECoC story.

While our vision and our geography differentiate us from other ECoC years, V.18 will also have a strong European dimension. Candidate cities are required to build into their programmes collaborative projects with cultural entities in other European countries.  And this is, in fact, a natural part of our V.18 outlook.

Malta’s marked history of close ties with Europe is a clear inspirational force for today’s artistic collaboration.  Re-discovering Valletta as a place for exchange and a laboratory for the fusion of diverse European ideas is an exciting prospect for V.18.

To achieve this, we’re strengthening links and collaboration with other European Capitals of Culture from now to 2018, and intend to sustain these well beyond our ECoC year. 

What’s happening in other ECoCs?

To get a feel for what an ECoC is all about, we showcase several cities already hosting or gearing up for their ECoC years. They are creating incredible programmes as well as lasting infrastructures to support their cultural sectors and engage their publics.   

We focus on fellow candidate cities in the Netherlands, which also hosts an ECoC in 2018.  We’re already sharing insights with our Netherlands’ counterparts that will carry through with the winning city when announced in autumn 2012.  

View other ECoC Events happening now and take a look at the ECoCs we feature in this section.


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