Valletta named ECoC 2018

Valletta was unanimously named European Capital of Culture (ECoC) for 2018, by a jury of experts, following a presentation by the Valletta 2018 Foundation on Friday 12th October 2012. Next, Valletta will be officially declared title holder by the Council of Ministers in May 2013.

The naming of ECoC is the latest step in Valletta's journey towards 2018, the year when it will be sharing the prestigious European title with a city from the Netherlands that will be chosen in the coming months.

Valletta submitted one pre-selection bid titled 'An Environment of Exchange' which granted it a green light to continue with its selection process in January 2012.  The final bid was presented in September of the same year.  On 11th October 2012, an international jury of cultural experts visited Valletta in preparation for the Final Selection meeting which took place on the 12th October 2012.  Valletta was named European Capital of Culture during a press conference in the oratory of St John's Co Cathedral by the jury chairman Manfred Gaulhofer.

The Road Map in full:

Submission of bid: 17 October 2011

The bid was submitted by the Mayor of Valletta to the Managing Authority (the Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism, the Environment & Culture). The bids were forwarded to the Selection Panel members for their consideration.

Pre-Selection Meeting: 18 January 2012

The Selection Panel, made up of 13 members nominated by the European Institutions and the national authorities, analysed Valletta’s bid for the first time during a visit to the city.  Valletta was given the green light to continue its ECoC journey. 

Presentation of bid: 14 September 2012

Valletta submitted its final bid titled 'Imagine 18', capturing the Foundation's vision for the city for its ECoC in 2018.   

Final Selection Meeting: 12 October 2012

The Selection Panel finalised its analysis following a second presentation by Valletta. The renewed bid took into account the feedback and guidance provided by the panel members since January 2012 in order to provide a high-class final bid with which to win the title. An official declaration regarding the title was made during a press conference.

Official Designation: May 2013

The Council of the Ministers of Culture of the European Union declare Valletta European Capital of Culture for 2018 officially.

Monitoring Meetings: 2014-2017

The European Commission and the Monitoring and Advisory Panel support the preparation for the Cultural Year through a series of monitoring meetings during the run-up period to 2018.

The European Capital of Culture Cultural Year: 2018

Valletta looks forward to celebrate its title during this year with an aim of establishing a legacy for the years to follow.