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Notte Bianca 2013

“Notte Bianca is a wonderful phenomenon. It fuses arts with entertainment, high culture with street culture. It holds something of appeal for everyone. We want to use these qualities to develop it further, not only in terms of numbers but essentially in the quality of the experience,” said newly appointed Notte Bianca artistic director Sean Buhagiar.  Notte Bianca is the largest cultural event in Valletta which attracts over 60,000 people to the capital each year.

Buhagiar explained that this year’s priority will be to create a comfortable setting for artists to work in. The event will focus on multidisciplinarity, participatory arts, and collaborations with home-grown community arts, traditions and crafts. Sean’s task will be to bring a fresh vision to the event, to further develop this spectacular celebration of arts and culture in Valletta, especially during the run-up to V.18. “We started with the brand. Our designer, Ed Dingli, worked on a fantastic new look. Notte Bianca is about lights. The concept was to create our logo with light photography - long exposure photos taken in Valletta.” 

 Meanwhile, applications to participate in this year’s Notte Bianca are now open; application forms can be downloaded from www.nottebianca.org.mt. The event programme will be finalised once the application deadline closes on 30 April 2013; participants will be notified on 31 May 2013. The programme will maintain its traditional variety but will be more focused, said Sean. “The event sees Valletta become an ‘open city’ of culture so the event often generates a number of satellite events; these will be featured in a separate programme.” 

Some exciting new events are also in the air: there are plans for a Maltese wedding along the streets of Valletta. “No re-enactments - a real one. A couple will be chosen to have their wedding organised as part of the national event.” Other projects include collaborations with a variety of stakeholders and entities, such as with the Science in the City event where a Science & Art world will be created. “I have to admit the team is excited. It feels like just before the curtain opens. Valletta is the stage.  And the audience is around 60,000 cultural aficionados, or more.”

Notte Bianca is supported by The Malta Council for Culture and the Arts.

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