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Way forward for Creative Economy

Valletta's journey towards 2018 was one of the main focuses during a seminar that discussed the Creative Economy, and its way forward.  David Felice, Chairman of the Valletta 2018 Foundation, addressed the seminar ‘The Way Forward towards the development of the Maltese Creative Industries’, which was organised by the European Commission Representation in Malta and the Bank of Valletta PLC, in collaboration with the Creative Economy Working Group and the Malta Business Bureau. The seminar was held on Wednesday at the University Campus in Valletta and brought together various interest groups to discuss the growing economic importance of creative industries for growth and innovation in relation to Valletta 2018.

Mr Felice gave a presentation on Valletta 2018 Foundation’s work since the city was awarded the title of ECoC last October.  He said the Foundation’s aim is to make Valletta a great city through creativity, by aiming to fulfill improving the quality of life, stimulating pride in Malta’s diverse cultural identities and driving collaboration and excellence in culture and arts.

In the coming weeks the Artistic Direction team will be contacting members of the artistic community and the general public, including those who contributed to Valletta’s journey towards the ECoC title by proposing projects which were included in the final application.  This process will lead to the design and production of the Cultural Programme that will run through 2018.

Mr Felice also highlighted some pilot projects which are already bringing various sectors of society together through art and culture, such as one which brings members of a local refugee community together with hip hop artists in an environment of sharing and collaboration.  

During his address, Mr Felice pointed out how the Foundation keeps contact with several cities in the ECoC network.  He said that in the past there was a very low participation rate of Maltese artists in other ECoCs.  This will be another opportunity to discover new ways how our artistic community can collaborate on a wide platform.

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