A major aim of V.18 is to see Malta’s businesses embrace the potential profitability of being part of V.18 by linking with cultural activities and investing in the year’s projects.  

Realising an ECoC requires considerable capital investment and the private sector is seen as an important stakeholder.  Our bid outlines schemes for sponsors and partners.  But V.18 also sees business as engaging creatively as an integral part of the ECoC year.  In Valletta 2018, the cultural and commercial are to be mutually beneficial players.

V.18 is about opportunities to do more

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry is a member of The Valletta 2018 Foundation board.  One of its main roles is to prompt collaborative relationships between the private sector and V.18, encouraging the private sector to be involved early on while V.18 projects are being drawn up.

Studies have shown that most ECoCs have proved a catalyst to driving urban regeneration and given rise to long-term benefits, including economic activity relating to culture, the arts, tourism and increased trade.  V.18 sees itself setting in motion a culture-led regeneration, “incentivising and sustaining the economy of culture”

To think about

The bid outlines several themes that seek to promote the interests of and involve the business community in the cultural sphere, not solely as partners or sponsors, but by inspiring it to think of new ways to collaborate.  Here are some points to think through as prompts to your business or sector generating ideas for projects from which you and V.18 can benefit:

•    Can you use V.18’s themes to break out of your sectoral silo and work in partnership with, for example, the public, voluntary groups, NGOs or schools?
•    Can collaborating on or sponsoring a V.18 project see your business generating new service and product ideas with the input of entities not regularly on your radar?
•    What issues does your business face that V.18 can perhaps help overcome?
Perhaps you face a lack of awareness of your sector, or need to raise professionalism in your skills. Perhaps too, you’d like to see the education sector recognise your craft or may be you need to see more done to create a culture of innovation.
•    If you are an SME, what do you wish for from V.18 to help you thrive?