V.18 sees your city in the spotlight. Our European Capital of Culture bid also brings the entire Maltese territory in its scope.  These two aspects are important to shaping the year and how you, as a Valletta citizen, can be involved.

Everyone in Malta and Gozo interacts with Valletta for work, play, exploring the arts and culture, leisure activities like shopping and for catching up on administration. Visitors and residents from across Malta and Gozo pour in daily to the city you call home.

V.18 is an opportunity for you to think about the contacts you have with non-city dwellers - how you can gain from them and also open their eyes afresh to Valletta?

How can we see each other as more than numbers – the 6,500 Valletta residents and the 60,000 who visit the capital and its environs daily? How can we collaborate and revitalise Valletta to inspire us and serve all our futures?

V.18 is about opportunities to do more in your city.

Perhaps you’d like to see more spaces for your children to play or have a chance to see Valletta shown as a living, contemporary city not just as a historical jewel.  What fascinating stories are there to tell in your families and parishes that go untold and may die out in a few generations?  All these areas and more can prompt ideas to breathe life into our themes for V.18.

To think about:

•    What would you like to see changing between now and 2018 in Valletta?
•    What do you relish about Valletta today that you’d like to see preserved and shared?
•    How can business owners in Valletta see city visitors as more than numbers and ‘currency’?  
•    What can V.18 do to improve your working lives in the city?  
•    As families, what do you want to see take shape in Valletta to improve your lives?