Creatives & Cultural Entities

Valletta 2018, European Capital of Culture is the most high-profile and prestigious title the EU bestows on a European city.  It puts Valletta and all Malta in the hot seat, making us visible on the international cultural stage.

The year is designed to push us to our creative limits by giving us a chance to showcase our inherent talent as well as encouraging us to work with high-quality, innovative cultural players and explore a diversity of cultural genres and activities.

V.18 is all about opportunities to do more

A Valletta with a relaxed culture of street theatre and street art?  A renovated warehouse a school for budding circus performers and acrobats?  A project which sees migrant communities draw us into their narratives using drama, music and art?  A schools’ project that sees children hands on in discovering the baroque art forms that surround us not just reading about them?

Think V.18 and think why not!

On our V.18 journey, we will raise the bar on our expectations and standards, building our capacities – both physical and human – along the way. It will give everyone a voice, whether they are from a voluntary, amateur, public, professional or commercial entity.

V.18 isn’t only about highly-visible projects and ideas.  It’s as much about fostering talent and seeing small-scale activities take shape across the islands in localities and among community groups, in schools and among migrant and other groups.

V.18 also seeks ideas that cross boundaries and borders, linking us with counterpart European Capitals of Culture, and cities and groups across the Mediterranean and within the Maltese diaspora.

To think about

V.18 is your broker, helping you build on ideas, galavanise resources, find collaborative partners and  point you to funding. We’re here to shape your creative dream into reality.

We aren’t a funding agency as public funds to tap into are managed by the Malta Council for Culture & the Arts (MCCA).  Our role is to inspire sponsors and partners to assist, and to put you in contact with like-minded groups. See our V.18 themes for inspiration. Contact us and we'll help you liaise with the theme coordinator to see how we can help you get your idea off the ground so it resonates with the year’s artistic direction.

These questions can get you started on thinking about a project for V.18:

•    How would you like to see V.18 pushing the boundaries?
•    How do you imagine the islands’ creative sector in 2018 and beyond?
•    What ‘risks’ would you like V.18 year to take in cultural and artistic forms?
•    What resources and mechanisms can help you realise your creative and artistic dreams?
•    What new cultural forms can we explore in V.18?  
•    How can we encourage young people to see creative industries as sustainable career paths providing monetary recompense and personal fulfillment? 
•    What art forms can be mixed innovatively to create new cultural outputs?
•    Who could you collaborate with beneficially?