Educators & Schools

Valletta 2018, while working alongside national initiatives such as the new National Curriculum and the National Cultural Policy, is about releasing you from the official duty to think creatively. V.18 is about letting you dream about what you’d like to see take shape in your daily work as educators or school administrators or as someone engaged in life-long learning programmes.

V.18 is about opportunities to do more

It can give you the opportunity to collaborate in new, exciting ways with a diversity of groups and communities and also people you’re not usually in contact with in your role. We want you to think about education alongside, for example, new technologies, urban development, the sea, migrants and visitors, or traditional crafts (see our Themes for V.18).

Listening to those in education, we often hear about what they can’t get done. V.18’s role is to be an impetus to getting things done. So, while identifying the issues is the place to start, we need to work out creative approaches to resolving them, not just for V.18 projects but for the longer term.

To think about

•    How can we tap into young people’s natural creative talents? And how can we ensure adults rekindle their inborn creativity?
•    How can we develop a positive, supportive environment in which children feel free to express themselves creatively?
•    Can the arts and culture be tools to help you overcome issues your students face, such as bullying or peer pressure and can they be used to help some children overcome a sense of failure when faced with a highly-pressured society?
•    How can V.18 help our young people be excited about staying in education to tertiary levels, and help them fulfill their potential?
•    What would you like to see bridge the gap between family and school to help educators and parents work in tandem in the best interests of the child or student?
•    How do you see your school or college getting involved? What strengths or resources does it already have that it can use to help spark or coordinate a project idea? What support does it need?
•    If you are a researcher or a post-graduate can V.18 provide a platform for your interests, giving you new areas to explore, perhaps crossing disciplines? Marine life, languages, migration and more are all themes V.18 is set to tackle.