Your opportunity to dream the ‘impossible’

If you’re 18 or under today, you’ll be the generation of teenagers and young adults in our V.18 year.  You will live the promise of Valletta, European Capital of Culture, more than most.  It’s important that you not only add your voice, but that you are also part of shaping projects now.

No idea is too far-fetched, so push the limits of your creativity. Perhaps you would like to see a virtual Valletta 2018 or a mobile one, for instance, as a way to share our year across borders and live it as your generation would like to live it.

We want to know also what you feel might stop you realising your dreams.  Our European Capital of Culture year can be a way to think creatively about overcoming barriers, whether in your community, your education or your social life.

How to get involved

First, we’d like you to think of stories in your lives and how you can talk about them creatively – in art, song, drama or through science and technology, sport and more. Can they fit under our V.18 themes?

Stories can come from any area of your life. You will all have different ways of relating to Valletta.  You may find a lot in common with others your age, but see if you can tease out the differences so we can explore them together and learn from each other along the way.

Next, think how you can collaborate with other groups, schools and localities and even people you may not have regular contact with, such as migrant communities or those with special needs.  V.18 is about dreaming your future as a reality, finding your voice in your own stories, making connections and seeing activities built from them.

To think about:

  • What is it you might share with all young people your age?
  • What do you feel is ignored or misunderstood about your generation? 
  • What concerns do you have about your future?  
  • What does your locality mean to you? 
  • What are your feelings about growing up on islands?  
  • How does your mother tongue, whether an official language of Malta or another, colour your outlook? 
  • What groups of people living in Malta do you not know much about, but feel you would like to know better and have contact with?

If you live in Valletta…

  • What is it like to have ‘your’ city in the spotlight?  
  • How can you share your Valletta with young people in other localities?  
  • Can you explain your thoughts  in physical or virtual cultural forms - art, drama, music, ICT, sport and so on.
  • Do you have an issue you’d like to focus on in V.18, such as a desire to see more traffic-free zones or learn more of the stories of your grandparents’ generation?

If you live elsewhere …

  • What stories are there about the city and the region you live in? 
  • You may know about your own village, town or region, but do you know much about the history and life of others across Malta and Gozo?  
  • What is Valletta to you? How do you see our capital city – and what would you like to find out about it and see it do for you? 
  • Are you Maltese or of Maltese descent and living overseas? See our section on the Maltese Diaspora for how to get involved.