Painting courtesy of Caroline Said Lawrence

While V.18 puts Valletta forward as its candidate city, our bid is carefully designed to be inclusive of all of Malta.  The Association of Local Councils is a member of the Valletta 2018 Foundation, the entity helping shape and drive the V.18 bid.  

But what does Valletta 2018 as a European Capital of Culture mean for you if you live beyond Valletta’s city limits? How can you share in the year and be part of making it happen?  

V.18 is about opportunities to do more

Restricting the benefits of V.18 to Valletta would have been impractical and wasteful. Opening up the opportunities for the various communities surrounding Valletta will help the year achieve a higher impact through the tapping of potential and maximising resources across the country and ensuring our projects are collaborative and transcend locality boundaries.

V.18 presents an opportunity to include Local Councils in cultural development more than ever.  Local Councils will be encouraged to take a dynamic role that enables them to shoulder more responsibility and reap more benefits. Through harnessing expertise and directing investment in capacity building at a local level within the V.18 framework, Local Councils may benefit also from a quality leap in their modus operandi.

To think about

We see V.18 as a stimulus to collectively tackling issues and celebrating our commonalities and differences.  Here are some areas to think through as prompts to generating project ideas from your locality but in which others can share:

•    What would you like to see changing for the better between now and 2018 in your locality?
•    And what do you cherish about your locality and would like to see preserved and celebrated?
•    What can V.18 do to improve your working lives in your area?   
•    As families, what do you want to see take shape in your region to improve your lives?
•    What do you know of other localities in Malta and Gozo? How can you learn more, share more (ie. know-how) and partner up?

•    What do you think you have in common with localities in other European Capitals of Culture from now to 2018 (a city in The Netherlands will also be designated an ECoC in 2018).