Preparations for Valletta’s candidacy included meetings with various NGOs which operate in Valletta on a social level and also some who work nationwide or on cross-cultural and international issues. As V.18 gets under way, we hope to connect with all NGOs who wish to explore collaboration under the themes set to guide Valletta 2018.

V.18 is about opportunities to do more

We see V.18 acting as an incentive for Malta’s NGOs to work with different partners both in Malta and overseas, and lever on new resources by tapping into collaborative projects with other entities or private enterprise.  V.18 is about releasing your potential. We aim to see Valletta’s candidacy spur your efforts at fund-raising and human capacity building, for example.

To think about

Our bid proposes eight themes ranging from Blue Lung, which looks at how we interpret and use our maritime resource, to a New Dialogue on Urbanism which asks how we can create workable, livable, sustainable cities and towns to serve our future better.

See which themes match your aims and messages best. Think also about how various cultural forms can enhance your role. Arts and drama, technology and sport can all be called upon to support your message and bring it to new and untapped audiences.  Perhaps you can reach fresh volunteers or partner with businesses that have synergies with your role.

As NGOs, your work will probably span a range of V.18 themes as you deal with issues that require complex, many-sided approaches to resolve.  Environmental issues, for instance, come face to face with health, education, urban design and more.

Look also at themes which seem unrelated to your field.  For example, if you support migrants, help people with disabilities or campaign on environmental issues you might also find inspiration in a theme such as Caravaggio City which aims to see Valletta 2018 becoming a flourishing centre of artistic, cultural and entrepreneurial activities.

There are numerous ways V.18 can be relevant to NGOs.  Here are just some hints to get you thinking:

  • Where would you like your NGO to be in 2018? 
  • Is there a building you could do with? Additional space you need to hold meetings, organise events, run education courses or train your volunteers?  
  • Do you need human resources to help strengthen your administration – for instance, in marketing and publicity? 
  • Would sharing knowledge with like-minded NGOs overseas benefit you? 
  • How can a V.18 theme help you reach a wider public and attract new resources? 
  • Is there local NGO which complements your work and with whom you could collaborate on a project?