Partners & Sponsors

Valletta 2018 is just starting to define its identity.  As a candidate European Capital of Culture (ECoC), we’re known simply as V.18 – a vision.  This is our working title.  It’s an exciting time to be connected with V.18 as its brand takes shape and develops into a full-fledged identity to reflect on our strategy for 2018. Although we’re some six years away from our coveted ECoC year, it is an ideal time for you to think too about being a potential partner or sponsor.  


V.18 is about opportunities to do more

At this early stage, you can help shape the process creatively. We envisage active partnering, not just tapping sponsors as sources of funds nearer to 2018.

The process of partnering involves establishing a two-way relationship, for the benefit of both parties. By ‘owning’ a particular V.18 project, you will have a unique opportunity to showcase your business and, in many instances, be an integral part of forming a project’s direction. Giving of your know-how and skills you can make real difference to a project’s success.

V.18 is looking at partnering agreements to attract funding over and above the public expenditure commitment.  We are devising a system of tiered partnership levels suitable for both large corporates and SMEs. Benefits include corporate social responsibility (CRS), image enhancement and increased exposure to audiences.  

But there are other ways – creative approaches – for business to partner and sponsor the ECoC.

V.18 is seeking also support in-kind; the supplying of services or goods required for staging the ECoC. This could include accommodation, provision of food and beverage, transport services, office supplies, IT services including web hosting, signage, merchandising and space offered to hold meetings and consultations.

To think about

The business community can become a major beneficiary of the ECoC by linking up with cultural activities and investing directly in cultural projects. We have a lot of ideas in the cultural programme you might wish to associate yourself directly.  For example, if you are in the pharmaceutical sector, a project under the theme ‘EUdaimonia, living well, doing well’ may be the place to focus and find synergies with your brand.

We understand that many potential partners, in particular SMEs, may not have a strategy for sponsorship, especially the funding of cultural events.  SMEs will have a dedicated unit to help guide and filter their needs (corporate social responsibility, public visibility and so on).

Here are some things to consider now about how you might like to get involved:

•    Do you have a partnering and sponsoring strategy in your business? If not, how can we help you develop this so you can be part of V.18?
•    What would be your key aim in sponsoring an ECoC project ie. CSR, access to events, image enhancement on a European scale?
•    Does your business have a natural ‘home’ within our themes? Can we help you to think differently about the areas you could be involved in?
•    Can you contribute in kind to projects: ie, with services, physical goods, administrative expertise, financial management, subsidising travel costs and so on?
•    How can your support continue after 2018? For example, would you consider sponsoring an annual programme of mobility for cultural professionals?