At this stage in the Valletta 2018 process, the six-year road from candidate to realising our European Capital of Culture, there's a lot of unknowns - for the V.18 Foundation team and of course for you. We've tried to give as much information as we can in this site, so if you've a query, try looking at the following areas to see if your question is answered. 

ECoC Quick Guide and FAQs: this covers in depth both specific issues on V.18 and our ECoC bid as well as general questions about European Capitals of Culture, their aims, history and achievements.

About Valletta 2018: Meet the V.18 Team: who we are, the Foundation's role, and the objectives of V.18. 

See our Site Map and feel free to Contact Us and connect with us at the Valletta 2018 Foundation on Facebook and Twitter.  We're keen to hear from you and keep in touch. 

Media & Press: the sections we've given above will help provide a lot of background material.  See also our News and Resources page.